Better Insulin Resistance through Better Diet and Nutrition

Coping with insulin resistance.


Most people are unaware that they are insulin resistant until the condition becomes severe. It is revealed to people who are high risk for diabetes. If you have a family history of diabetes often being overweight can lead to insulin's resistance.
Basically insulin resistance creates an imbalance in the body caused by too much glucose in the bloodstream. A rise in insulin  is supposed to cause the blood insulin  levels to become lower than base. Unfortunately if you have insulin resistance the body stops responding to and the sugar glucose levels in the blood stream remains high. Over time it is possible for them to diabetes to develop.

How to cope?

Of course we all run to the doctor for treatment. Actually a lot of the symptoms of insulin resistance can be treated through diet alone. Of course certain people are susceptible to this issue based on physical activity and genetics.

So the first thing we're going to look at in diet is Carbohydrate  intake. The consumption of too many carbohydrates which leads to being overweight having a weak heart. By learning how to go on a low carbohydrate diet we can stave off the advance of diabetes.
So the first two things we focus on is physical activity and weight-loss. There are also Foods that you can add to your diet that can help balance out blood sugar levels. For example adding more fiber to your diet can help you improve insulin sensitivity. Whole-grain cereals whole wheat bread can contain lots of fiber however we have to be careful because they also can contain high levels of carbohydrates and that is that. You can also get fiber from fruits and vegetables.


There are numerous herbs and spices that can help. Turmeric  contains cur-cumin which has shown to help reverse insulin's resistance. Cinnamon has the effect of balancing blood sugar levels partially and has recently become a popular choice for helping with this condition.
Some of the other dietary additives are vitamin K omega 3 fatty acids and chromium. All of these additives have been shown to reverse insulin resistance and those who also take steps to lose weight and reduce Carbs.
Diabetes is a serious matter and you should consult a doctor but there are also things that you can do to greatly assist your doctor and improve your health. Watch your weight, increase activity, reduce Carbs and take supplements to assist in treating your condition.

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