The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on your Wedding.


When I found this list I had to share it with everyone I Know on Facebook.


    • The first big tip on everyone's list is to prioritize. You know you sit down with your significant other and decide what is most important to you. First the bride lists her top five priorities. Next the groom lists his top five priorities. Now compare the two lists. For example if one of the groom's priorities is not on the bride's list eliminate it. Now you are left with the bride's priorities and the grooms matching priorities and you can focus on what's really important.
    • Initiate an officiant. If you're not too particular on who marries you then just about anybody in a tuxedo  or nice suit or dress can do the job. Try to find someone in your circle of friends that nobody in your family knows. Make sure this person looks the part and is able to rehearse the part and executed flawlessly. Find their weakness. Maybe it's free booze at the bar that night?  Find a way to pay them that's a lot cheaper than hiring a minister.
    • Try to get married off-season. The peak season for getting married in the spring and summer can be very expensive. Not only that it costs a lot of money. If you were to get married say on January 15 at 3 AM your expenses would be way less than the first weekend in June. Because fewer people would show up you also save a ton of money.
    • You don't need a banquet hall. What about your mother's backyard? Perhaps there is a park near you? I had two friends who got married at Six Flags on the roller coaster. The Reverend, Bride,  Groom, and wedding party all sat on the coaster. After the vows were exchanged they took off on a ride, symbolic of the ups and downs of married life.
    • You can save a ton of money by just posting your invitations online. Make a list of everyone you want to invite. Make sure everyone on the list is either on your friends list or on your friends friends list on Facebook. You know 6° of Kevin Bacon. Then share your invitation with everyone on your friends list,
    • Go bargain hunting for decorations. Linen, cups, glasses and decorations can be found in abundance at your local Salvation Army store. Is there a stationery store in your neighborhood? Check their dumpster at night. Maybe you can find discarded printed reservations that are similar to your needs. A slight markup with a magic marker could change them to your needs.
    • Your bouquet doesn't have to be real. They've got flowers at the dollar store that look remarkably fresh. Maybe up close it looks fake. But in all the photographs and video no one will know the difference. What's even better is that 20 years from now those flowers will look as fresh as the day you walked down the aisle.

    • Save on your wedding gown. There's two ways to save on your wedding gown. The first way is to buy one at the Salvation Army. That's probably your best bet. Secondly you could buy a used gown on AMAZON that's in great condition cheap and then when you're done with it sell it back on eBay for roughly what you payed for it.
    • Save money on a DJ. I went to a wedding with a DJ not long ago and basically he ran the whole show with his iPhone. You can run your wedding with an iPhone. Seriously. You need an iPhone, DJ App, an amplifier and speakers.
    •  One of the biggest expenses is food. Let's say your main course is Turkey and you're expecting 50 guests. First buy 50 frozen Banquet  Dinners. Next separate the green peas, mashed potatoes and turkey. Put the turkey on platters( one for each table if you are going to use tables). Put the vegetables in serving bowls (or dollar store equivalent). Ten minutes before service, nuke it up.
    • Save on booze. To save on booze you have to save bottles. If your wedding is six months from now you've got plenty of time to prepare for this. Go around to all your friends and start collecting their alcohol bottles. Look for a high-end wine bottles. Look for top notch liquor bottles. Grey goose vodka bottles, Beefeaters gin and Jack Daniels whiskey. Now refill these bottles with the cheapest booze you can find. Fill all the wine bottles with Boone's Farm. This will cut your bar bill in half. Get one keg of golden anniversary. That would probably cost about five dollars. Make sure to get the Rolling Rock tap for it.

  • You can save on your cake. You can create a phony mufti-tiered cake with the top tier being real. After you cut the cake, you can wheel it off to the kitchen where sheet cakes are already cut up and ready to be served.
  • Skip the limo. Getting into your friends 1969 VW bug is way cooler than getting in to a limo and it doesn't cost you.
  • Have bigger tables. If you have larger tables you will need fewer decorations.
  • You don't need tables. Just make the reception like a cocktail reception. Everyone can stand and enjoy a finger food. Banquet makes hors d'oeuvres.
  • Finally do it in one place. Get married in the same place you have the reception. There is one cost for the banquet hall and the wedding hall. Nobody has to drive from one place to the other.

If you really think about it there are so many ways to have a high-class wedding for pennies on the dollar. Some of these ideas may not look great up close and personal but in pictures and video and on online social networks like Facebook it's going to look just fine.

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